Dr. Eamon McKinney

Dr. Eamon McKinney an eminent Sinologist and is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on China related business issues in the world. He has been actively involved with China-Foreign business for more than twenty years and was instrumental in the establishment of the first foreign joint-venture in modern Chinese history. In his role as C.E.O. of the China Business Network, he has since 1985 advised hundreds of companies on their China strategy, including such major corporations as Ford, Microsoft, I.B.M. and Boeing.

Dr. McKinney lived in China for more than twelve years, has authored six books on the subject and regularly lectures on China business throughout the world. He has contributed numerous articles on the subject to prestigious publications including, The Financial Times, The Economist and The Far Eastern Economic review. He now divides his time between his homes in London, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Among the subjects frequently covered in his talks are

     ·        China in the Global Economy

·        China’s Market Economy

·        China’s Export Miracle

·        China Impact (The Threats and the Opportunities)

·        Selling to China (Models of Market Entry)

·        Sourcing from China, the issues.

·        Engaging China, a New Trading Model

·        Commercial law in China

·        China’s Future

·        Trading with China, the Ethical Issues

Rather than just canned presentations which provide light entertainment, the emphasis is very much on content, allowing the audience to find the truth from the facts.


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